GWR-LNER "PARROT" CRATE WAGON...$55 plus postage.

3D Printed representation of a crate wagon, GWR and LNER used during WW2 for carrying crated aircraft sent from the U.S. Also other loads, and later used for OHL cabling work. Grey primed and with correct 10mm metal wheels for smooth running. White Brake handwheels supplied loose to help later painting. Standard mini tension coupling in nem pocket as well. Printed crate as a load included unpainted. Add an Airfix model as a load as shown here.

Running on my layout.

WW2 ramp wagon, used where field loading and unloading of Tanks is needed. $35 plus postage.

All 3d printed using coloured filament so no paint on this. Ideal to do a dirty wash to tone them down, or leave as factory fresh. Metal 3 hole wheels. Nem pocket with mini tension lock supplied. Kadee's fit too.

Video of them on my layout

A version for static use with buffers swung out and the wheelset removable as well, no nem pockets or couplers. 

Ramp Wagon, used to load tanks where other means weren't available.

Ramp Wagon, used to load tanks where other means weren't available.

Early tankers with company name boards $45 plus postage.

Early tank wagons with name boards. Steel or Timber chassis versions. Tank seperates so re colouring is easier. Chassis painted black with tanks painted a mid blue colour, metal spoked wheels and tension couplings included. Nem pockets for easy removal.

GWR Loriot L

Model of the GWR Loriot L well wagon. Grey primed with metall wheels and nem coupler pockets. Kadee fit as well. Deck is timber stained so has a good used look to it. These need 10.5mm wheels which I have to get from the UK, If you have your own or are in the UK and can get yourself ill supply without. They are £3 a set from Peters Spares.

Unfortuanatley they want a minimum £40 to post to Oz.......gouging maybe. Hence offering without.

Price with wheels supplied.....$45

without wheels..........$35

Running on my layout.

BR Diesel brake tender $50 plus postage....

3d Printed models of the 2 Diesel brake tenders used on unfitted freight when the new Diesel Locos were struggling with slowing these rakes.

14mm Wheels with nem pockets and mini tension couplers, Kadee's fit as well.

Grey primed ready to paint further, brakewheels and handrails supplied loose so its easier paining.

GWR "GRANO" grain wagons $45 plus post/pack.

3D Printed representation of the early GWR timber sided Grain wagons.

Both the early double sided door, and the rebuilt no side door's available.

Grey primed with white roof, nem pockets and tension coupling supplied with metal wheels.

Bent end handrails fitted loose so removal for further paint/weathering.

GWR GRAIN wagons

GWR GRAIN wagons

Customer decorated...

Customer decorated...

GWR BOGIE MINK F $45 plus post/pack.

3d printed representation of a Bogie Mink F.

Bogie Mink 3d printed with metal wheels and mini tension lock couplings.

Grey and white primed ready for further decoration/weathering.

Kadee's shown (not supplied) which fit in nem pockets.

Brake handle and vacumn brake pipe supplied but not fitted.

First try with a resin body and bogies, pretty goo ddetail so am looking over a few others in between.


New Resin body and bogie's on the GWR Bogie Mink F

GWR Coral A glass carrying wagon $40 plus post, pack etc..

3D Printed model of the Coral A GWR wagon, used for carrying crated glass sheet.

Grey primed with metal wheels and nem pocket's with mini tension couplers, Kadee fit too as shown. Includes 2 timber stained crates as well, run empty or full.