Rolling stock not covered by the major manafacturer's, drawn, designed and printed by me in Tasmania.

Predominantly OO scale 1:76. O gauge being slowly done on a few models too.

All models have been run on my layout so I know they run without issues.

I now have an EM Gauge wheelset and can confirm almost all my wagons will accept those, either as a straight drop in, just ask so I can check.

N.B. I wont be supplying these wheels but will reduce the price accordingly where appropriate.

I used a set from Wizard models as a test set.

Inow have a resin printer here, a Uniformation GKTWO, so will be seeing how I can improve models over the xmas break, I have already been surprised what a difference it can make. I wil post some progress pics shortly. 

View the following for range and price, availability varies so please email any enquiries. 

Going forward I will be offering some wagon's as kits unassembled, unless I have some already done.

The last few years have been busy and time just isn't there if I want to create more variety, both mine and my partner's health has had a few hiccup's too so a re-think has taken place. I will slowly adjust prices as I would rather not supply wheel's and coupler's as well, all have nem pocket's unless you want to fit 3 link or your own type in which case I can leave them off.

Happy to use Paypal for all transaction's, bank transfer in OZ and always cash at the door, posting locally and overseas.

Prices are in Aus$

Due to the general rise in parts etc i have to reflect that in my pricing, I buy wheels, coupling's etc from Hobby shops so am govened by their costs. Going to 14mm wheels for instance for certain wagons they are nearly 3 times the 12mm Dapol set per axle.

Added a page for some of my RTR models im selling here, on ebay too but cheaper here so saving ebay's ridiculous fees.

Post to the UK is a minimum of $32, thats Oz Post's rate for upto 500g, upto 1kg is $45 plus packaging and paypal fee's, usually 3 or 4 of the 2 axle wagons is under 500g.

A new year, with a bad start with 2 family members passing, and my partner's ongoing health issue's, please allow for things being a little slow for a while...thank you.