Rolling stock not covered by the major manafacturer's, drawn, designed and printed by me in Tasmania.

Predominantly OO scale 1:76. O gauge being slowly done on a few models too.

All models have been run on my layout so I know they run without issues.

I have a set of EM gauge wheels so can confirm if they will fit, I don't supply them though

I also now have a resin printer here, a Uniformation GKTWO, I have slowly been updating a few models where the detail can be improved with resin, some pics are updated as I can.

View the following pages for range and price, availability varies so please email any enquiries. 

I am happy to use Paypal for all transaction's, bank transfer in OZ and always cash at the door, posting locally and overseas.

The prices are in Aus$

Due to availability and price I prefer to sell without wheels and coupler's, unless they need to be fitted before assembly. Some Crocodile's and other wagon's need wheel's added when I build them.

Postage continue's to be a changing cost, To AUS upto 500g is $15, 1kg is $20,

To the UK is a minimum of $35, that's for upto 500g, upto 1kg is $45 plus packaging and paypal fee's, usually 3 or 4 of the 2 axle wagons is under 500g.

I appreciate when messaged that everything arrived safely, and idea's for wagon's to consider as well.

I don't require any deposit as this is a hobby thing and life has got in the way earlier in the year.

Also please let me know if you change your mind, even when ive sent a finished photo and a paypal invoice.

Im adding a few images of wagon's im playing with using resin so any enquiries don't hesitate to ask.

Thank's from Tasmania........